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The Benefits of Gymnastics with Perpetual Motion

If you’ve ever considered gymnastics instruction, programming, or competitive development for your child, then we hope you’ll consider Perpetual Motion—a kid-centered gym for all ages and skill levels located in Valparaiso, Indiana.

With over 50 years of coaching and instructional experience, Coach Brad and Miss Rachel can’t wait to meet your family and introduce your children to the world of gymnastics. It truly is something that has to be experienced to be understood.

But what’s so great about gymnastics for young children anyway? We’re thrilled you asked! Here are just a few reasons:

1. Gymnastics helps with development.

Perpetual Motion exists for the health, happiness, and confidence of all children who enroll in our programs. Gymnastics at every level provides age-appropriate physical and social development. It’s both an individual AND group activity. Children of all ages learn what they are capable of through music, movement, exploration and play. And as they grow, our program grows with them.

2. Gymnastics is the perfect way to move and condition.

From the simplest mat exercises, to ninja training, all the way up to competition-level gymnastics, anything at Perpetual Motion can challenge a child. When a child is challenged in gymnastics, they learn to exceed their perceived limitations. Combining exercise and education, we ensure the safety of all our participants and create an environment for foundational physical conditioning.

3. Gymnastics fosters positive attitudes and confidence.

Our staff is here to teach what we love and coach to each child’s potential.

Children know when an adult is passionate about their sport, and at Perpetual

Motion, that passion is contagious from top to bottom. Our coaches build up

each child’s confidence through one-on-one and small group instruction. We

are their biggest cheerleaders and want them to learn and grow with us!

4. Gymnastics teaches skill mastery, focus, and concentration.

And these aren’t just about gymnastics—these are skills that can be applied throughout life. A child who is driven to learn, train and master a skill can do the same in any area of life. Competitive gymnastics can show a child that they can seize any opportunity to reach their full potential in any circumstance. Skill development and character development go hand-in-hand, and we believe that both are critical to a child’s long-term success.

5. Gymnastics is really fun!

Kids of any age are more likely to learn and develop when they’re having fun, and we make sure gymnastics are fun! Our staff makes sure from tumbling classes all the way up to competition, that fun is front and center.

Perpetual Motion believes that childhood is the best time to learn, grow, and build a foundation for life—and we believe that gymnastics is one of the best ways to teach and foster all of those things.


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