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Perpetual Motion Weights

Core Power

Core Power Elite Training™ is a speed, strength, and agility program that is designed for athletes and people of all ages. 


With the help of the top collegiate and professional programs, Core Power™ has put together a Hybrid program to help athletes reach a new level of performance.

Young Hybrids

Ages 6 - 10 

The Young Hybrids Program is designed to train younger athletes proper running technique and form, agility and footwork, correct lifting form, and core strength.


An attention to detail is taught in this class through the use of body weight lifts and plyometrics.  This class is perfect for the 6-10 year old who wants to work hard and improve in areas that will benefit them no matter what sport they choose to participate in.

Perpetual Motion Core Power 6 10 year old
perpetual motion hybrid

Hybrid Athlete

Ages 11+

The Hybrid Athlete Program is our top level program. This is designed for serious athletes who are looking to dominate their competition and have the desire to move to the next level.

Core Power's Hybrid Athlete Program puts athletes through a series of explosive, dynamic, and extreme lifts. Athletes learn to train their bodies and use their muscles in ways they never have before. Both physical and mental toughness will be tested through a variety of methods of conditioning. Our goal is to create powerful athletes that stand far above the competition. 

In our Hybrid Athlete Program, athletes attend class for 1.5 hours 3 days per week.


Ages 6 +

Bring Core Power to your athletes! Speed camps are an awesome way for Core Power to come out to your field or facility and train your team in acceleration, max velocity, agility, and core strength. 


Take part in this great opportunity to help push your athletes to the next level without the inconvenience of having your team go to another location.  During speed camps, athletes take part in a combine testing the first day. 


The following camp days we use specialized running, plyometrics, and strengthening drills to push your athletes to be stronger and faster. On the last day of camp, athletes perform another combine test so they are able to see how much they've progressed.

Perpetual Motion Speed Camps
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