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Exercise to Become the Best Gymnast You Can Be!

gymnastics exercises

Training for gymnastics is one of the best all-around exercises there is. Have you ever noticed how in shape gymnasts are? Gymnastics combines strength, agility, and flexibility. There are exercises you can do to develop the capabilities needed for a stellar performance.

Here are a few exercises that all aspiring gymnasts should begin to work into their training regimen!

1. Pull-Ups

A versatile exercise, pull-ups develop upper body strength, particularly in the back, shoulders, and arms. They are essential for gymnasts, particularly those performing on the uneven bars and rings.

2. Leg Lifts

Gymnastics requires strong lower abs for movements like flips. Leg lifts, where you lie on your back and raise your legs up and down without touching the ground, can help build this strength.

3. Splits

Both front and side splits are vital for enhancing flexibility. Regular practice can help improve splits, crucial for performances on the beam and floor.

4. Tuck Jumps

A plyometric exercise, tuck jumps develop leg power and cardiovascular endurance. They involve jumping as high as you can, bringing your knees to your chest mid-air.

5. Bridge Stretch

This backbend helps improve spinal flexibility and strengthen the lower back and shoulders. It is essential for backflips and other similar moves.

6. Plyometric Push-Ups

By adding an explosive element to the traditional push-up, you train your body for explosive movements. This is especially beneficial for vaults and dismounts.

7. Bar Hangs

Practice hanging from a bar to build grip strength and endurance, crucial for uneven bars and rings. You can add leg lifts for an extra challenge.

8. V-ups

This exercise targets the abs and hip flexors, which can enhance performance in various gymnastic movements, from vaults to bars.

9. Squats and Lunges

For lower body strength and stability, especially vital for landings, squats and lunges are must-do exercises. Strong legs ensure that we have enough power off the floor!

Consistent training combined with a balanced diet and proper rest is key to improvement in gymnastics. Also, always warm up before you begin, and cool down after your training to prevent injury.


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