Spring Break :

March 21, 2022 - March 26, 2022

Memorial Day:

May 30, 2022

Independence Day:

July 4, 2022

Labor Day:

September 5, 2022

Popcorn Fest:

September 10, 2022


November 24, 2022 -  November 26, 2022

Christmas Break:

To Be Announced

Registration Fee*:  $20.00/student due every 12 months


Payment Procedures

100% TUITION-BACK GUARANTEE: If after your family’s first month of classes at Perpetual Motion™ you are not entirely happy. Perpetual Motion™ will gladly refund 100% of your tuition for that month. This guarantee is ONLY for families BRAND NEW to Perpetual Motion™ (families who have never previously been enrolled).

20% FAMILY DISCOUNT: When more than one immediate family member is enrolled at the same time, ONLY the most expensive tuition in your family is full fare; ALL lesser tuitions are discounted 20%.

REGISTER AND PAY: Onsite, online, by phone, fax, US mail. No ‘holding’ of classes without payment. We currently accept all major credit and debit cards, cash and checks.

RETURNED CHECKS: In the event your check is returned as NSF we will ask for certified funds or cash plus a $25.00 processing fee.

MEDICAL REASONS FOR DROPPING A CLASS: For medical situations validated by a written acknowledgement from a licensed medical practitioner, you will be granted a tuition credit prorated from THE DATE WE RECEIVE THE WRITTEN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. A retroactive request for medical credit CANNOT be granted, as it eliminates our opportunity to fill your vacated class spot.

I understand if the participant is enrolled in a program that has recurring monthly tuition I am continuously enrolled in the program and I will incur recurring monthly tuition charges on my account until I submit a Perpetual Motion™ class drop request.  This document may be obtained from the Perpetual Motion™ Business Office or downloaded from our website If I am dropping a class (with recurring monthly tuition) it must be done on or before the last day of the month.  If I drop a class after the month begins I will not receive credits and/or refunds for the remaining classes in the current month. If I should receive five classes during the month instead of four there will be no extra charge although it will be considered a makeup for classes missed while we are closed for holidays. We’ve found that during the course of a year this averages out nicely and is a far less confusing payment arrangement for everyone concerned. I am responsible for making timely payments of my balances due on my Perpetual Motion™ account. From the date of registration forward, my entire account balance shall be due the 1st of each month. I understand this only applies to programs that have recurring monthly tuition. Fees for other products and/or services shall be paid for at the time of purchase and/or registration. If my payment is not received on or before the due date, Perpetual Motion™ will initiate electronic payments for any balances due on my account PLUS an administrative late fee of $25.00. Payments will be processed with the payment method/information I have chosen that is kept on-file with Perpetual Motion™. If provided, an e-mail notification will be sent any time a payment is processed. I acknowledge that this authorization will remain in effect until I notify the Perpetual Motion™ Business Office in writing that the authorization should be terminated. If for whatever reason, payments cannot be processed and my account balance remains overdue, I understand that my enrollment in classes will be cancelled. I will be responsible for all costs incurred for collection of any delinquent payments, including but not limited to collection/attorney fees/court costs.  I understand that monthly payments amounts may vary as classes are added or dropped and as other charges/payments are applied to my account. A $25.00 late/insufficient funds fee will be charged for all un-paid accounts monthly. New and updated billing, address and telephone information is the responsibility of the member and not the responsibility of Perpetual Motion™, to notify the member of expired/declined credit cards and EFT returns. All overdue accounts, including cancelled accounts, will be charged $25.00 late fee each month until the account is paid if full or arrangements are made for payment. All currently enrolled students will be charged an annual registration fee of $20.00 that will be posted to their account on the 1st of the month of my registration anniversary date with Perpetual Motion™.   Perpetual Motion™ reserves the right to modify the terms of this agreement with written notice.