Ages 3-18

Gymnastics is a sport that creates an excellent base in the development of hand-eye coordination, gross and small motor skills as well as creating great character.  



Ninja Zone

Ages 3-11

Turning energy into ambition, one awesome kid at a time.  A fusion of obstacle training, gymnastics, martial arts and freestyle movement

Core Power Elite Training

Ages 6+

Core Power Elite Training™ is a speed, strength, and agility program that is designed for athletes and people of all ages.  With the help of the top collegiate and professional programs, Core Power™ has put together a Hybrid program to help athletes reach a new level of performance.

What makes Core Power™ the best?

  • Explosive, dynamic and extreme lifting

  • Strong running form and technique

  • Flexibility and core strength

  • Push athletes to the limit every workout

  • Fast twitch muscle development

  • Train mental toughness

  • Focus on ALL muscles - big and small

  • NCAA recruitment

Movement-Based Gymnastics Classes

Ages 6 months-3 years

Movement is essential to learning and helps develop posture, balance, vision, hearing and spatial awareness.  Language and memory as well as self-esteem are also developed in our youngest friends through movement classes at Perpetual Motion.  Active children also see improved academic success life.  Our colorful curriculum uses movement and basic gymnastics skills as a base to focus on brain priming movements while incorporating music and activities to appeal to all children.


Ages 4+

Cheerleading is a dynamic blend of tumbling, dance, and performance all in one sport!  Cheerleaders today are disciplined, accomplished athletes.  They train, condition, and practice, practice, PRACTICE!  Cheerleading develops strength, flexibility, spunk, power, and self-confidence. It also teaches athletes about teamwork, commitment, responsibility and camaraderie.


Ages 6-18

Tumbling classes at Perpetual Motion use trampoline and air floor to teach skills for gymnasts, cheerleaders, ninjas and more!

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