Tumble Tots

Ages 6 months-3 years

Our Tumble Tots™ program is designed to enhance the child's age-appropriate physical and social development through music, movement, exploration and play.  All classes have the same core structure.  For parent-child classes, the instructor will guide parents in open exploration and help assist children on equipment and mats.  Weekly activities include circle activities, parachute, obstacle courses, bubble play and everyone's favorite hand stamping!  Child development experts know that for young children, acquiring a healthy learning attitude is far more important than mastery of specific skills.  Tumble Tots classes are all parent-child with the exception of our Tumble Bugs (3 year old) class where the child makes the transition to class on their own.

Little Bug-a-Boos: 6-12 months;  Free! *with cost of registration fee

Peek-a-Boos: 12-18 months

Busy Bees: 18-24 months

Roly Polys: 2 year olds

Tumble Bugs: 3 year olds


Ages 4-6

Fun is Far More Than Meets The Eye! 
Child development experts know that for preschoolers, acquiring a healthy learning attitude is far more important than mastery of specific skills. The Perpetual Motion™ curriculum is carefully designed for exactly what children need most during these formative years.  At Perpetual Motion™, gymnastics skills are used as tools to teach learning attitudes, while skill mastery is a secondary goal.  One of the objectives of our curriculum is FUN!  Of course, this is cool with the kids, but parents sometimes fail to realize the importance of fun in a learning setting, especially for preschoolers.  Adults often feel that when fun is present, learning is not.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Kindergym: 4 year olds

Kindergym: 5-6 year olds

Tiny Tumblers: (advanced gymnastics - invitation only)


School-Age Gymnastics

1st Grade and up

Gymnastics Classes for 1st Grade and up. The Perpetual Motion™ curriculum is designed to provide a non-competitive, flexible program of life skills, conditioning and flexibility. Most of our teachers are USA Gymnastics Safety Certified and specially selected and trained to bring out the best in every child by encouraging each child to exceed their perceived limitations.  While using gymnastics skills as the base for learning, specific attention is paid to a few life skills we feel are important for positive growth such as listening, focus & concentration, respect for others and leadership/helping others.  Gymnastics classes incorporate tumbling, bars, balance beam and basic trampoline and vault skills. Class sizes are kept small so instructors are able to work with each child at their individual level.

Introductory Gymnastics
School Age Gymnastics:
Elite Gymnastics: (advanced gymnastics - invitation only)


Ages 4+

At Perpetual Motion we put a great deal of pride into our competitive gymnastics programs, and are committed to providing a quality, high energy foundation where gymnasts can grow and excel. We will offer every competitive gymnast professional instruction, in a safe, well organized program where they will be challenged and have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. In addition to teaching gymnastics skills we believe it is crucial in the development of an athlete to place value on character education by emphasizing attributes such as pride, perseverance, discipline, responsibility, dedication and determination. It is our goal that, through competitive gymnastics and the framework of our program, we can help children become strong, confident athletes and people. The Perpetual Motion staff is extremely passionate about their role in guiding young gymnasts through gymnastics training and providing them with the tools to be champions in the sport and in life.

If you have or are an athlete interested in joining our program, please contact the Perpetual Motion Business Office to set up an appointment with our Gymnastics Director.

Junior Stars Pre-Team Program

Bronze Team

XCEL Team (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond)

Junior Olympic (JO) Team (Levels 4-8)

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